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# Recommended future project: Turning a computer on via RaspPipleasenospy 2016-04-13 18:20
Could you do a project for turning on your pc remotely? I figured the GPIO pins could be connected to a pc's PS_ON pins.

You could use a IFTTT recipe (only on Android) to activate an app or process that would tell the RaspPi to turn the computer on. The recipe could be like (If I connect to my Home Wifi.... then turn pc on)
# RE: Comments and Suggestionsboredman 2016-04-14 10:14
First thing that comes to my mind is to use Wake-On-Lan, if your PC is connected by wired ethernet. There are many smart phone apps which will send a magic packet to a MAC address on a press of a button.

Perhaps you can build a small device that plugs into USB port and initiates a computer wakeup USB HID call. I've done that with my Arduino-based IR remote controller:
Instead of IR, you could use a BT module and have your phone send a command to it this way.

Of course, your suggestion of tapping directly to PS_ON pin on motherboard would also work. You would still need some kind of device to implement connection to your phone.

Thanks for the tip about IFTTT. I am not familiar with it, but it looks very interesting. Will read up on it!

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